Discover the magic tourist places of Colombia

Explore with the purpose of exposing yourself to the culture of Colombia and its traditions, and allowing you to live a truly conscious experience, taking the time to reflect and give meaning to what you do. We invite you to open your eyes and see the soul of the people while you discover some of the most spectacular destinations in Colombia.

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From spectator to leading character; because we believe the most striking places are not necessarily 5 stars


Programs that foster introspection and allow to take a distance from the great challenges of the world derived from modernity and globalization


We develop these programs specially and carefully to immerse into the community and its ancestral artisan techniques


Programs in the most extraordinary places with the necessary safety and knowledge to discover them

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Bojacá / La Esperanza

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Discover what to see in Colombia from our Insiders

In all our trips you will be accompanied by Shift Insider: Inspiring travelers and explorers, able to guide you to the very depths of the place you visit.

Camilo Morales

— Insider, Professional Ultra-Trail Runner

Andrés González

— Insider, Biologist

Jose Daniel Henao

— Insider, Adventurer

Andrés Zambrano

— Insider, Adventurer

Jacobo Ulloa

— Insider, Professional Rock Climber

Fernando Arciniegas

— Insider, Anthropologist

Andrés Gutierrez

— Insider, Biologist & Artist

Felipe Mallea

— Insider, Outdoor Educator