The tour agency which you will discover the most authentic Colombia

Colombia’s troubled years are over and we dream of adventuring together with you into this majestic country that hasn’t lost its essence and still upholds its authenticity and innocence, despite the challenges it had to endure .

Today we wish to show the DNA of a nation with authentic people and nature of pristine exuberance. Colombia is bursting with life.

We are Andres and Jose Daniel, Colombians in love with our country, and we now want to open it to the world and invite you to reconnect with your own essence in a different place; to experience the roots and humbleness of a culture full of generosity.

José Daniel Henao

— Insider, Co-founder

Business manager,entrepreneur, consultant in organizational strategy and development, adventureprogram director, co-founder of TRAVEX and Master Instructor for Leave NoTrace/NOLS; with extensive training in first aid and emergency management inharsh terrains both in Colombia and abroad.

Daniel leads adventurecourses and classes that promote outdoor learning such as ABC I, ABC II, BAP,Leave no Trace, outdoor cooking, among others.

In the corporate sector he has developed organizational redesign, strategic planning and cultural transformation programs, and has executed change management projects with special emphasis on human talent management.

Andrés González

— Insider,Co-founder

Professional biologist who is passionate about marine mammals, botany and arthropods. He has led high level marine and wilderness programs and expeditions. Founder and director of an outdoor education company with programs in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Brazil during 21 years.

Andres sailed for 5 years, researching and protecting marine mammals as a biologist for the International Tropical Tuna Commission (ITTAC), a multinational tuna regulatory body in the Eastern Pacific tuna-dolphin conservation program. Over the past 32 years, Andres has climbed mountains above 22,200 feet and has performed deep-sea scuba diving down to 265 feet, while in freediving he has reached depths of over 100 feet; he has also spent over 75 days sailing the high seas.

He is an expert in flatwater and open sea kayaking and rowing activities, and has rowed over 3,000 kmof rivers and seas in Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Canada and India.He has sailed over 800 miles in the Caribbean, the tropical Pacific, theGalapagos Islands and the South Pacific.

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