Amazon and Serrania de la Macarena — Muti-destination

The essence of sustainable life and the perfect balance of nature are revealed to learn from it the noble purpose of our existence. Here life tells us about his strength and tenacity.

12 days / starting at 2729 USD* / $9'120.000 COP*
*Minimum value per person for a group of 5 people
**We work with dynamic rates, this means that the cost will depend on the number of people and the dates of your trip

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Fauna and Flora Sighting

A trip through one of the most biodiverse places in this country

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In the case of Amazonas, the average temperature is 25 ° C. It is the most impressive jungle on the planet, and with an explosion of life like no other, it invites us to one of the most overwhelming experiences you ever lived. Millennial cultures such as Huitotos, Yaguas, Boras inhabit the tropical rainforest. In the middle of the jungle and over the rivers, these communities live by hunting, fishing and crops such as yucca brava and plantain, they live sustainably with mammals such as Jaguars Pumas, Zainos, Pink and Gray Dolphins, reptiles such as Alligators, Babillas and Anacondas, fish such as Amarillo and Pirarucú, and a surprising diversity of exotic birds.

In the case of the Orinoquía (town of La Macarena) you will find a mosaic of tropical rainforest, gallery forests and huge and rugged savannas. Its altitude ranges between 500 and 1,500 meters above sea level and its temperature is between 18 ° C and 27 ° C on average.

What will you find?

During the first part of the expedition we will enter the town of La Macarena near which we will stay. We will know Cristalitos, Caño Cristales and Pailones as well as the foothills of the Macarena mountain range formations belonging to the Guyanese shield and the indigenous lagoon of silence where the legend has a giant anaconda. Here we will have an experience of fauna and flora with unique landscapes worthy of the Orinoquía. In a second stage we will fly to Leticia, Colombian port to the Amazon River to access a jungle that originates its exuberance in the rainy regime and geographical area. We will travel along the river to find our hotel near the jungle. From there we will mobilize in canoe and on foot through the jungle to find animals, exotic plants and communities from whom we will learn its history and ancient existence.


In all our journeys you will be accompanied by a Shift Insider. Our Insiders are inspiring travelers and explorers whose love of nature, adventurous spirit, and profound knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology and culture of the places we visit, makes them belong to Shift. Meet our Insiders, who are able to reveal for you the very secrets of the places you visit.

Andrés González

Professional biologist who is passionate about marine mammals, botany and arthropods. Andres sailed for 5 years, researching and protecting marine mammals as a biologist for the International Tropical Tuna Commission (ITTAC), Over the past 32 years, Andres has climbed mountains above 22,200 feet and has performed deep-sea scuba diving down to 265 feet, while in freediving he has reached depths of over 100 feet; he has also spent over 75 days sailing the high seas.

In Amazonas you will stay in a nature reserve with a hotel in the middle of the Amazon, built in rustic and traditional wooden architecture - Natamú Nature Reserve. In Chicaque you will stay in rustic brick cabins and they are equipped with bathroom with hot water, minibar, fireplace, balcony-gazebo and hammock - Chicaque Natural Park. In La Macarena you will sleep in wooden cabins with private bathrooms in the middle of the forest 4 km from the city center and are located on the Guayabero River - La Manigua Lodge

Socio-economic Impact

Amazon and Serrania de la Macarena

When you travel with us, you make a difference, as you encourage those who welcome you into their homes and communities to become more passionate each day about their role as hosts of Colombia's unfolding to the world.
Below you will find percentages detailing how your money will be invested:

Food and lodging21%
Local labor26%
Operation and administration17%
Sales and marketing14%
Contribution to a local cause2%
Fees and taxes17%

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