Barichara — Andean Region

A 5-day program that has been designed in a historic and emblematic place in the Eastern Cordillera of the Colombian Andes.

5 days / starting at 997 USD* / $3'788.000 COP*
*Minimum value per person for a group of 5 people
**We work with dynamic rates, this means that the cost will depend on the number of people and the dates of your trip

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Craft Techniques and Community

Discover the construction techniques that are preserved until today and with which Barichara and its surroundings have been built.

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Declared a national monument and historical and cultural heritage of humanity for its colonial architecture, its landscapes, gastronomy and its strong and friendly people, make this a unique place

What will you live?

Descendants of the indigenous Guanes and the Creoles, the Santander peasants carry a strong character and love for work. Hospitable and sincere, they will show us all the power of their knowledge and trades through this unique experience. The landscape is enriched by dry tropical vegetation and we will be able to observe the fauna of these ecosystems. The geography of Santander is impressive due to its canyons, caves and rivers that form an incredible set with its small populations throughout the entire department. Tobacco and fruit crops strengthen its agrarian vocation, exposing an inimitable multicultural mosaic.


Barichara, Santander, Colombia, 6.635849, -73.223409, 14, ChIJAU4B0HvPaY4RXh7fb8bHGJU, Barichara, Santander, Colombia, CO

In all our journeys you will be accompanied by an Insider Shift. Travel inspirers and explorers, who are part of Shift for their love of nature and their adventurous spirit, their deep knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology and culture of the places we visit. Meet our Insiders, able to reveal the most intimate secrets of the place you visit.

Andrés Gutierrez

Biólogo con una especialidad en artes, conoce íntimamente la flora y fauna de nuestro país; en su tiempo libre lo puedes encontrar dibujando paisajes y animales, tocando ritmos con objetos comunes, o simplemente meditando. Sus exploraciones en diferentes tradiciones culturales e indígenas, le ofrecen una rica comprensión de las comunidades que visitamos. Coach de vida y educador al aire libre, cita: "Trata a alguien como es, y seguirá siendo como es. Trátalo como puede llegar a ser, y se convertirá en quien realmente puede ser".

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Andrés Gutiérrez — Insider, Biólogo y Artista

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You will stay in a colonial house of historical origin with ancient architecture of more than 150 years, transformed into a small hotel of very cozy charm. You will sleep in one of the 8 rooms that this hotel has.

Socio-economic Impact


When you travel with us, you make a difference, as you encourage those who welcome you into their homes and communities to become more passionate each day about their role as hosts of Colombia's unfolding to the world.
Below you will find percentages detailing how your money will be invested:

Food and lodging19%
Local labor30%
Operation and administration16%
Sales and marketing14%
Contribution to a local cause2%
Fees and taxes17%

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