Boyacá / Cocuy — In the Colombian Andes

This journey has been designed after an in-depth research of the most surprising places in our country; in this place, you will discover key ecosystems such as the High Andean Forest, the páramo and the glacier with perpetual snows.

5 days / starting at 808 USD* / $3'070.000 COP*
*Minimum value per person for a group of 5 people
**We work with dynamic rates, this means that the cost will depend on the number of people and the dates of your trip

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La montaña se abre para ser descubierta
Laguna de la Plaza, El Cocuy
© Fotografía Christian Kober

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Amidst the breathtaking tectonic formations and ancient glacial valleys, a magical land opens up before our eyes.

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Frailejón en florescencia
Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Boyacá
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Amidst the breathtaking tectonic formations and ancient glacial valleys, a magical land opens up before our eyes. These mountains, which are gods according to our ancestors, invite us to encounter peace and strength. We will ascend to the glaciers of the Ritak ́uwa Blanco and cross enormous frailejón forest valleys to reach the Sacred Laguna Grande de la Sierra, an ancient glacial valley surrounded by five snow-capped peaks. This meditative journey conveys a genuine connection with the high mountains at the heart of one of Colombia's most spiritual territories.

Temperatures range from -2 to 16 Cº

What will you find?

This impressive mountain massif lies in the Northern Cordillera Oriental Andina, and comprises 21 snow-capped peaks ranging from 4,800 to 5,330 meters above sea level. The indigenous Uwa people silently inhabit the middle lands of this territory, and are involved in protecting their habitats from the impacts of deforestation and senseless tourism. This place has a unique ecosystem called páramo, characterized by frailejón plants.


El Cocuy, Boyacá, Colombia, 6.408890999999998, -72.44544989999997

In all our journeys you will be accompanied by a Shift Insider. Our Insiders are inspiring travelers and explorers whose love of nature, adventurous spirit, and profound knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology and culture of the places we visit, makes them belong to Shift. Meet our Insiders, who are able to reveal for you the very secrets of the places you visit.

Jacobo Ulloa

Jacobo is veterinarian, zootechnician, physical education teacher, medical emergency specialist and adventure professional. Priceless in high mountain programs with emphasis on high-risk activities. Whenever he has the chance, Jacobo will remind his fellow travelers about the value of being outdoors and discovering the country in a different way. He will affectionately say, “Even though you're afraid, you'll still have to do it”.

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Jacobo Ulloa — Insider, Escalador

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We'll spend our nights in modest typical high-mountain cabins that offer the best views to this supernatural landscape.

Socio-economic Impact

Boyacá, Cocuy

When you travel with us, you make a difference, as you encourage those who welcome you into their homes and communities to become more passionate each day about their role as hosts of Colombia's unfolding to the world.
Below you will find percentages detailing how your money will be invested:

Food and lodging12%
Local labor27%
Operation and administration24%
Sales and marketing14%
Contribution to a local cause2%
Fees and taxes17%

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