Chingaza — Colombian Andean Region

A one day journey east of the capital city at an elevation of 3,400 meters above sea level. There, you will experience the utter quietness of the mountains where the spirit of the páramo dwells and rests.

1 day / starting at 69 USD* / $262.000 COP*
*Minimum value per person for a group of 5 people
**We work with dynamic rates, this means that the cost will depend on the number of people and the dates of your trip

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Lagunas sagradas de Chingaza
Cuchilla de Siecha, Cundinamarca
©Fotografía Inga Locmele

Journeys and Expeditions

In this high mountain journey, re-connection and meditation are the main subjects, while you are immersed in the enchanting nature of these unique ecosystems.

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Un oso de anteojos se asoma entre frailejones
Chingaza, Cundinamarca
©Fotografía Sergio Blanco

What will you find?

These unique Colombian ecosystems over 3,000 meters above sea level, provide an opportunity to reconcile ourselves with life. The páramos and the high Andean cloud forests burst in water. The special adaptations of the fauna and flora to this cold and singular environment, create a mystical world.

This journey has a basic degree of difficulty, as it spans 4km trekking through the mountain at an elevation of 3,400 meters above sea level

Chingaza, Fómeque, Cundinamarca, Colombia, 4.531038300000001, -73.75219859999999

In all our journeys you will be accompanied by a Shift Insider. Our Insiders are inspiring travelers and explorers whose love of nature, adventurous spirit, and profound knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology and culture of the places we visit, makes them belong to Shift. Meet our Insiders, who are able to reveal for you the very secrets of the places you visit.

Andrés Zambrano

Behind hundreds of tattoos stands an extremely honest and transparent human being who has developed the art of listening and thinking before acting. He is an adventure professional specialized in mountain trekking, rock climbing and kayaking, with a constant desire to conquer limits. “To cover kilometers - that's my essence; the outdoors and adventure sports make me feel alive”.

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Andrés Zambrano — Insider, Aventurero

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Socio-economic Impact


When you travel with us, you make a difference, as you encourage those who welcome you into their homes and communities to become more passionate each day about their role as hosts of Colombia's unfolding to the world.
Below you will find percentages detailing how your money will be invested:

Food and lodging6%
Local labor39%
Operation and administration17%
Sales and marketing14%
Contribution to a local cause2%
Fees and taxes17%

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