In all our journeys you will be accompanied by a Shift Insider. Our Insiders are inspiring travelers and explorers whose love of nature, adventurous spirit, and profound knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology and culture of the places we visit, makes them belong to Shift. Meet our Insiders, who are able to reveal for you the very secrets of the places you visit.

Camilo Morales

— Insider, Professional Ultra-Trail Runner

Adventurous at heart and great lover of Colombia, professional outdoor educator and high performance athlete in marathons and triathlons. He is linked to various projects in which conscious learning and the use of knowledge are used as a means for developing peace in Colombia.

He has traveled the country through each of his corners by bicycle and kayak, has competed in adventure races of more than 500 km, participated in marathons and Ultramarathons of up to 180 km in Chile, Ecuador, South Africa and France among others; including the most important race in the world, the Montblanc Ultra Trail, and has made a podium in various North Face races.

Andrés González

— Insider, Biologist

Professional biologist who is passionate about marine mammals, botany and arthropods. Andres sailed for 5 years, researching and protecting marine mammals as a biologist for the International Tropical Tuna Commission (ITTAC), Over the past 32 years, Andres has climbed mountains above 22,200 feet and has performed deep-sea scuba diving down to 265 feet, while in freediving he has reached depths of over 100 feet; he has also spent over 75 days sailing the high seas.

Jose Daniel Henao

— Insider, Adventurer

Business manager, entrepreneur, consultant in organizational strategy and development, adventure program director, co-founder of TRAVEX and Master Instructor for Leave No Trace/NOLS. He leads adventure courses and classes that promote outdoor learning such as ABC I, ABC II, BAP, Leave no Trace, outdoor cooking, among others.

Andrés Zambrano

— Insider, Adventurer

Behind hundreds of tattoos stands an extremely honest and transparent human being who has developed the art of listening and thinking before acting. He is an adventure professional specialized in mountain trekking, rock climbing and kayaking, with a constant desire to conquer limits. “To cover kilometers – that’s my essence; the outdoors and adventure sports make me feel alive”.

Jacobo Ulloa

— Insider, Professional Rock Climber

Jacobo is veterinarian, zootechnician, physical education teacher, medical emergency specialist and adventure professional. Priceless in high mountain programs with emphasis on high-risk activities. Whenever he has the chance, Jacobo will remind his fellow travelers about the value of being outdoors and discovering the country in a different way. He will affectionately say, “Even though you’re afraid, you’ll still have to do it”.

Fernando Arciniegas

— Insider, Anthropologist

Professional adventurer, anthropologist, high seas mariner, diving instructor and outdoor educator. “Lobo” (wolf), as he is known in the scene, has taken part in numerous high mountain expeditions and is strongly involved in educational and awareness programs for emergencies in harsh terrains. He is a rock climbing instructor and high mountain guide. If you see him, he’ll say, “What are you waiting for to put a new stamp on your passport?”

Andrés Gutierrez

— Insider, Biologist & Artist

Biologist with a minor in arts, he intimately knows the flora and fauna of our country; in his free time, you might find him sketching landscapes and animals, playing rhythms with common objects, or just meditating. His explorations into different cultural and indigenous traditions, offer him a rich understanding of the communities we visit. A life-coach and outdoor educator, he quotes: “Treat someone as they are, and they will remain as they are. Treat them as they can become, and they will become who they are meant to”.

Felipe Mallea

— Insider, Outdoor Educator

Chilean outdoor educator and mountaineer who fell in love with Colombia and ventured to stay. His passion for what this country offers hasn’t stopped growing ever since. He has developed his expertise in rock climbing and mountain biking, and is particularly fond of vegetation and its edible products; he is vegan and delights himself exploring typical foods from various regions of Colombia.

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