We are committed to change and aware of the impact of each of our actions, and this is our Manifest.

1 – The gateway to an uncharted world

After a 50 year conflict that seemed to have no end, we now accompany you to meet this majestic country that hasn’t lost its essence and still upholds its authenticity and innocence.

2 – More than just a trip, an adventure

From spectator to leading character; we believe in the transforming power of an adventure. We want to help you shape your own experience, and to facilitate a connection that can only be achieved by sharing with its most authentic inhabitants. We explore with the purpose of soaking ourselves in culture and traditions, so you can live a truly conscious experience, taking time to reflect and give meaning to what we do. We invite you to open your eyes and see the soul of its people and its landscapes.

3 – A mindful and sustainable exploration

We work to have a positive impact on the places we visit. We travel through societies and territories leaving our seeds of love and admiration with the people who receive us. The result is a collective and individual enrichment that will always be with you.

4 – A customized experience

We develop profoundly cultural and authentic immersion programs which we personalize specially and carefully for you, always taking care of safety. We pay special attention to details, even those that depend upon the destiny, so that each experience is unrepeatable and unique.

5 – Accompanied by an Insider

Part of our Shift signature is bestowed by our Insiders, more than guides, are facilitators of processes and connections with the local culture, and are carefully selected according to the nature of the journey you choose. They will guide you to the most extraordinary places with the safety and knowledge required to discover them

6 – An experience imbued with simplicity, emotion and beauty

Because we believe that the most striking places are not necessarily 5 stars.

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