In compliance with the Law 1518 of 2012, whichdictates the dispositions for the protection of personal data, SHIFT in itscharacteristic of responsible for the treatment of personal data informs thegeneral guidelines in the present document:

SHIFT (TRAVEX SAS), identified with NIT 901097924-5and with main address Calle 73 # 0 – 64 in Bogota, D.C., Colombia with its webportal WWW.INTOTHESHIFT.COM

The hereby stated terms and conditions apply to anyregistration of personal data provided in an onsite and/or virtual manner forthe affiliation to any of our services. The data holder registers or provideshis or her information in full freedom and willingness and acknowledges thathe/she has read and has expressly accepted the present terms and conditions.

  1. Use of “cookies” technology

SHIFT reserves itself the right of utilizing thedenominated “cookies” in any type of usage of our portal. Cookies are smalldata files that are generated and stored in the user´s computer and that allowus to access the following information:

2. Policy of Data Treatment

Through this policy, SHIFT in compliance with the Law 1518 of 2012 by which the dispositions of the protection of personal data are dictated, predisposes to make effective the constitutional warranty of protection of privacy by establishing instruments and controls for the appropriate management and treatment of the information provided.

The present policy establishes the terms, conditionsand finalities by which SHIFT as responsible of personal data obtained throughits different attention channels, both on-site and virtual, treats theinformation of all people that at any time have provided personal data forreasons of subscribing to and undergoing an activity developed by the company.The data holder registers or provides his or her information in a free andwilling manner and fully acknowledges that he/she has read and expresslyaccepts the hereby terms and conditions.

3. Objective of Data Treatment

The personal data that SHIFT requests will be utilized for the following objectives:

  1. Personal data will be includedin one or more data bases with the objective of achieving an efficientcommunication with the data holder through any way of contact related to ourservices, promotions, events, advertising campaigns, email marketing campaigns,benefits, conditions or applicable policies, attention channels and/or socialmedia.
  2. To inform about changes inour existing services or regarding new ones that are somewhat related with thepreviously contracted.
  3. For service qualityevaluation.
  4. To elaborate and reportstatistical information, satisfaction surveys and marketing studies and analysisincluding the possibility of contacting the data holder for such purposes fromSHIFT.
  5. Identifying, recollectingand associating data to information about browsing preferences of the dataholder on SHIFT´s website, as well as georeferenced and/or specific locationdata that are generated by mobile devices, to improve the user´s experience,learn about his/her navigation profile, deliver information and/or segmentedadvertising about products and / or services of their own or of a related thirdparty. 
  6. Transmitting these data to athird party that acts as in charge of or that forms part of the operationprocesses located in Colombia. 

4.         Rights of the Personal Data Holder

We inform the data holder his/her regarding the lawsof data protection that are offered to him/her, listed below and guaranteed bySHIFT through the compliance of the stated procedures:

  1. To know, update and rectifyhis/her personal data in front of SHIFT, in his/her condition of responsible ofthe Treatment.
  2. To request proof ofauthorization granted to SHIFT, in his/her condition of responsible of theTreatment.
  3. To be informed by SHIFT, byprevious request, regarding the use that has been given to his/her personaldata.
  4. To present to the `Superintendenceof Industry and Commerce` in Colombia complaints that respond to infractions ofthe established in the Law 1581 of 2012 and other norms that modify, add to orcomplement it once the consultation process or claim has expired for theresponsible of the Treatment.
  5. To revoke the authorizationand/or request the suppression of the data when in the Treatment are disrespectedthe rights, principles and constitutional and legal warranties.
  6. To have free access tohis/her personal data that have been object of the Treatment.

If you wish to know, update, rectify or suppress yourpersonal data you may do so through any of the following media:

• Email:

• Phone number: +57(1)-3502213636

5.        Information Security

SHIFT is committed to apply the correct use andtreatment of the personal data contained in its data bases, avoiding the non-authorizedaccess to third parties that may know, infringe, modify, disclose and/ordestroy the information held in there.

For this purpose, SHIFT counts with protocols ofsecurity and access to information systems, storage and processing includingphysical control measures for security and safety risks.

The access to the different data bases is enabledexclusively for the areas of the company that may require the use of personaldata. Additionally, all functionaries are committed to the confidentiality andethical and appropriate manipulation of all our data bases, responding to theguidelines about the information treatment established by the law.

In case of doubt or enquiry, please communicate with us. We will assist you at any time and will make everything in our power to provide a response to your queries in the least amount of time possible. You can contact us by email to:

As the reservation is confirmed, the client declaresthat he/she is fully aware and accepts these terms and conditions. Thereby theclient authorizes SHIFT to utilize his/her information in response to theestablished in the Bylaw of the Consumer (Law 1480 of 2011) and the Law 1581 of2012. The privacy policy is public on our website and it is disclosed whensigning the document.

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