Aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable touristicdevelopment and having assumed the principles adopted specifically in theSectorial Technical Norm NTS-TS003, the operator TRAVEX SAS and all of itsbrands – TRAVEXtm and SHIFTtm – commit to implement andapply sustainable management and practices in all of their activities throughthe adoption of commitments oriented to prevent, eliminate or reduce the impactof our installations and activities in the destinations that we offer in ourservice portfolio, as well as to optimize the sustainability of TRAVEX SAS byimproving its behavior in the surrounding environment.

Taking into account that Sustainability is defined as the combination ofpresent actions that do not negatively impact or engage the future, and in ourrole as a travel agency, a fundamental economic actor in society, we understandand assume the responsibility of establishing policies and actions that withoutstopping to represent an economic benefit, will adjust to the environmental andsocial needs in a harmonic way. In consideration with this, TRAVEX SAS has aspolicy to create conscience not only to each and every one of the members ofthe team, regardless of their type of affiliation or relationship to thecompany, the importance of caring for the environment from the treatment of theresources in the development of the operation to the precautions that have tobe taken into consideration in every destination; we are fully aware that inthe process of the sale and accompaniment of the travelers in their trips wecan generate an echo of these policies and in this way multiplying the reach oftheir impact and results.

The commitment of TRAVEXtm and SHIFTtm is tomaintain, improve and provide these policies to all parts involved in oursupply chain to make it stable and perpetual.

TRAVEX SAS commits to comply with the requisites established by the Sectorial Technical Norm NTS-TS003 that includes, amongst others, the legal requirements that regulate the effects generated by touristic activity. Therefore we compromise to motivate and capacitate our staff with formative and mindful actions regarding the principles of sustainable tourism, as well as to generate conscience while seizing the social and cultural reach inherent to our sector and the capacity of getting to different audiences (clients / suppliers), to participate in external activities and to inform internally and externally about the advances and environmental actions of the company. TRAVEX S.A.S rejects any type of discrimination, as well as commercial sexual exploitation and child labor exploitation, and undertakes to report any crime committed against it.

One of our main objectives is to perfect the sustainable operation,assuming the compromises of continuous improvement in all the aspects ofsustainability: sociocultural, economic and environmental as well as our customers´satisfaction. For this, we will be subject to criteria of sustainability andefficiency in the use of resources for future project developments of ourfacilities and / or other activities. Thispolicy of sustainable tourism will be updated every time that it is required bythe circumstances, adopting and publishing in all cases new sustainabilityobjectives. Besides this, it will be permanently published on our website andphysically in our facilities.

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